Presents a suite of vibrant neon, paintings and perspex works that merge forms and motifs which have become synonymous with Rennie’s artistic output: brightly-coloured camouflage, geometric patterning and graffiti-style markings. This highly recognisable visual language negotiates a hybrid form of visible and invisible, public and private, urban and traditional, to provoke discussion of First Nations cultural and social visibility in a contemporary environment. A commitment to lush, bold colours, refined technique and slick presentation grounds Rennie’s practice in the present, confidently affirming the ongoing presence and self-determination of Aboriginal identity.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an increasing groundswell of engagement and activism aimed at asserting recognition of First Nations’ sovereignty, rights, access and equality. Rennie’s work draws upon and contributes to the fight for recognition of Indigenous sovereignty around the globe.

“The title of the exhibition empowers the ongoing commentary I have through my work about royalty, rights, Original Aboriginal and acknowledgment of true Australian history.” — Reko Rennie


5 – 27 August – 2022  – Presented by STATION – Gadigal Land/Sydney