Murri Totem Poles
These four totem poles were commissioned for the forecourt of the new La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science at Bundoora were a collaboration between myself, Matt Fearns and architect Peter Lonergan and team at Cracknell & Lonergan in Sydney.
Each pole has been designed using the five platonic solids – icosahedron, octahedron, star tetrahedron, hexahedron and dodecahedron – considered to be the building blocks of nature within Western science and philosophy and also incorporating Aboriginal geometric patterning that pre-dates Plato’s philosophy, and invites a dialogue about the relationship between the past, present and future.
Murri Totems is also the first major sculptural commission on the Melbourne campus since the mid-1980s.
Murri Totem Poles
Automotive paint and aluminum
5M x 1.7M