Trust the 2%

Trust the 2%
I was commissioned by the Queensland Art Gallery’s Gallery of Modern Art for the exhibition titled ‘MY COUNTRY, I STILL CALL AUSTRALIA HOME’ Contemporary Art from Black Australia, Curated by Bruce McLean.
In 2013, the Indigenous population of Australia makes up around 2% of the total population.
Trust the 2% explores the uneasy relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia, expressed through the symbolic icon of outlaws.
Originally the symbol “1%ER” inside a diamond is used to represent some outlaw motorcycle gangs. And some outlaw motorcycle clubs refer to themselves as ‘one percenters’. I have taken this modern graphic image and re-worked the image to include ‘2%ER’ to reflect on a similar uneasy relationship Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia.
TRUST THE 2% – 2013
Acrylic, MDF and gold
19M x 14M